Baby Pics

Click on the link below for the pictures of Jenny’s baby

Raw Pictures

Dad’s Visit

CK playing Over-The-Line

Dad’s first activity on his 83rd birthday was taking him to CK’s Over-The-Line game. It was riveting to watch!

Happy 83rd Birthday!

We had the missionaries for dinner. I made yummy tacos and made dad one of his favorite cakes, Texas Sheet Cake. The kids gave him a new shirt . . . → Read More: Dad’s Visit

Cousins music video!

DeeAnn and her kids, Zoe, Isabella, and Sabrina, have been visiting this last week. We have tried to keep them busy every minute. Miranda came up with an activity that they all got excited about. Making a music video. They had a blast and I think it turned out great!

. . . → Read More: Cousins music video!

Cruise Director

I have been in Cruise Director mode most of the summer and I love it! We have been having great activities everyday. Last night went to Granada Beach and watched “Back to the Future” on a huge screen on the beach!!! It was a blast to share a great classic from the 80’s with my . . . → Read More: Cruise Director

Days of Summer

I thought I would practice putting pictures up on my blog and try to figure out this blog thing all together. We are doing an activity every day. Yesterday was walk to the library day. We (my kids and Carol’s kids and I) walked 1.3 miles to the public library on an absolutely beautiful Southern . . . → Read More: Days of Summer

Just getting started

I am not much of a journal writer but I thought I would try writing about our year in France.


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