I have been in France for one month now! So much has happened and I will not attempt to write about all of it now. I will add it in on slower days.

Yesterday Kurt and I drove Miranda and McKala an hour and a half to the Stake Center (not a stake center like in the US, a nice little chapel like ours here in Rennes) in Angers for a seminary kick off and preparation for youth conference. They needed to be there for 4 hours. Kurt and I wondered what we would do with ourselves for 4 hours. We found out that it is not hard to entertain one self in a beautiful french city. My friend Martine, told us to first visit the Castle in Angers. The castle was so amazing. We just do not have things like this in the US. Because we do not speak french we could not figure out how to get in to see the famous tapestries before it closed, so we plan to return again and take all the children. The center of each city is where all the shopping is. The streets are filled with people. It is just so fun to walk up and down the small streets and alley an see all the different shops. Once in a while we would find a shop we recognized from American. On our walk back through the town we found a beautiful museum and spent an hour or so. We were in heaven, spending the afternoon together walking through this amazing old city in France looking at art and architecture. It was dreamy…we had no problem filling those 4 hours.

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