Mes amis et Moi

Last Friday!

I took my friend, Martine to lunch for her birthday. She has been so good to me and my family. She is so much fun too. She makes everything fun and memorable. She could make anything fun! She is also the most generous and giving person. I don’t know how I could have done this adventure without her! Mary, my aupair friend came to lunch with us and actually paid for lunch for all of us. That was sweet. Mary is always happy, I don’t think I have ever seen her down and out. She just has a great outlook on life. I love hanging out with her.

After lunch we went walking around Châteaugiron. It is a darling little town with a castle built in the 1300’s. Mary had never been so we went walking all over.

This town has many of the taub and waddle buildings built hundreds of years ago and they are all sagging in the middle. They are so charming!

Last Saturday!

It was Slumber Party Time at my house. Andrea, Megan, Mary are aupair’s from the US and Jennifer is an attending the University, she is from Boston, she wants to be a french teacher. We have made these girls part of the family. They have spent many a Sunday dinner together and have gone to almost all the VO (Version Original) movies we could see with these girls. It is sad for all of us that we have to return early. We decided last week to do a slumber party, it was great!

In order left to Right. Mary from Utah, Megan from Ohio, Andrea for Utah, Jennifer from Boston and my Miranda. Great girls!

Last Sunday!

Fixing Sunday dinner with the girls.

Posing together in the Kitchen for the last time! 🙁

Ce ne sont pas tous mes amis en France. J’ai fait quelques merveilleux amis français et il va être difficile de les quitter.

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