A Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Everyone.

My children made this video because I turned off the Internet before Christmas. So they had to get creative. I think they did a great job. They did such a great job we decided to make it our Christmas Card. We knew we couldn’t send out Christmas cards from France, it is just too expensive. I hope you enjoy our Christmas Greeting and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season.

8 comments to A Christmas Card

  • Teresa

    IMPRESSIVE!!! Miss you guys and hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Maybe we will see you soon? A lovely dream to have! We love you all and have a blessed New Year! Robert, Teresa, Alyse, Collin, and Evan

  • Erin Alexander

    Kim, I loved the Christmas card. Your family is very cute. What are you doing in France? Do you now speak French? What a great adventure. Thanks for sending the card. Erin

  • Kim!
    It is so great to see your family enjoying their home in France :) We miss you all – hope your holidays are as grand as they appear to be! Love you!

  • Pammer

    Kimmer & Clement Clan – - This is a wonderful Christmas card… I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and all of you in France!!! Thanks and Happy New Year to all of you, Pammer & Ernie

  • This was so great!!!! I love seeing everyone! Hope you had a merry christmas…. miss you all!!!

  • Tara and Jarom

    Magic!!!! We DO need a little Christmas….and a little Clement- right this very minute :) Miss you guys!!

  • Mitch and Shiela jARVIS

    We love the Clements!! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the awesome video :-)
    Come home soon!!
    The Jarvis’

  • Lesa Mann

    Dear Clements!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! What an adorable greeting! It looks like you are having a magical time in France. How wonderful that Eric and Kendra came too! You all must be so thrilled! Happy New Year!

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