Thanksgiving Dinner in France

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday the 27th of November. Our children had school on the Thanksgiving day an the other Americans we were spending Thanksgiving with were working. So Saturday worked perfect. Friday, we went to the farm of a ward member, He raises turkeys to sell for Noel (Christmas). There are no whole turkeys in the store right now so…off to the farm we went to pick us out a turkey…literally.

We watched them hang it upside down by its feet. Then, the farmer slits its throat and just lets it bleed out. Apparently it sufficates and eventually stops flapping its wings. Sorry, maybe just a little too graphic. After about 10 minutes they put the turkey into a pot of boiling water to make it easy to get the feathers off. I actually helped pluck the feathers off our own turkey. He weighed almost 9 kilos, about 20lbs. It was a great experience. I’ve never had Thanksgiving in France and never gone to a farm to pick out my own turkey.

Saturday morning (our Thanksgiving day we had Snow! It was so beautiful coming down. What a great way to start to celebrate!

Andrea and Mary are both from Utah and missing their snow. They made a baby snowman before it all melted away.

Thanksgiving dinner turned out fabulous! I had tons of help from Mary, Andrea and Megan, our 3 au pair friends we met in class and chruch. We have been talking about this day and planning for this for weeks.

We had 30 place settings-everyone was able to sit down for a great Thanksgiving meal. The turkey came out perfect. Mary’s mom sent us a turkey bag from the states and the french were fascinated by our plastic bag in the oven. After we all sat down, Kurt had us had us all say what we were thankful for. I recorded it and Kurt posted the 5 minute “thankfuls” on his post if you want to see it( ). I missed all my family in the U.S., but I am so thankful for my “French family” and all the love and kindness they have shown us here. Thanksgiving really was special. I couldn’t have asked for better.

A fabulous Thanksgiving Day!

4 comments to Thanksgiving Dinner in France

  • Pam-Pam Christensen

    Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration for the Clements and new friends. The turkey looks delicious. And what the experience of picking out your turkey while it was alive. I understand that fresh turkeys like that are absolutely yummy!!! Was it?

  • kim

    Hi Pam-Pam! Thanksgiving could not have been better for living in France. Our french friends thought everything was great. They have never cooked a whole turkey that size before(they don’t usually fit into their ovens,the ovens are smaller here in France) so it was really fun to see that big turkey and yes it was really good and very tender. I hope all is well with you and Ernie and your families. Are you guys still planning to come to Arizona in the next year or so? I will be back at the end of July. Of course, you can come and visit me here in France if you want!!! Love you Pam! Have a great Christmas!

  • Jennifer Bickham

    Sounds like a wonderful,interesting experience. Would love to see you when you all are back in AZ. We certainly wish you all the best. Have a safe, Happy New Year.

    …and belated Merry Christmas


  • Jenny

    Hey! Thanks for the card! That is so cool! I think I would have had a vegetarian Thanksgiving if that had been the option (I’m such a wimp!)

    I miss CK so much. I’m teaching 1st grade this year (totally in my happy place!).

    Please keep in touch!

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