Thanksgiving in France!

Well it is Thanksgiving eve and I have been planning a menu for Thanksgiving. I knew it would be hard to find the same things in France that I usually use for Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. Let me make a list. Cranberries, canned pumpkin for pumpkin pie, cream cheese for cheesecake, graham crackers for cheesecake, Crisco for pie crust, Oh, yeah, and of course the Turkey! You cannot find a whole turkey in the store at this time, they save them for Christmas! We are buying a Whole Turkey from our friends, the Dagry’s, they have a small farm. Patricia Dagry asked me how I was going to cook it and I told her in my oven…she just smiled and said “it won’t fit in your oven. The turkey is too big.” She said she has never cooked a turkey whole. The ovens in France are generally smaller so I can understand why. She said that they would cut it in half so I can cook half in the oven and we are going to cook the rest on the fire in our “chimney”(fire place, to us). This is going to be a wild Thanksgiving!

We are going to have a small Thanksgiving dinner tonight with just our children. They have school all day and of course Friday too, so we invited friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with us on Saturday. We have 3 au pair friends( 2 from Utah and one from Ohio) that have been helping me plan Thanksgiving. They are so excited! We are like their family away from home. It is so fun to have them around. We also invited 3 French families to experience Thanksgiving with us. Also joining us is McKala’s friend from school, she is from Australia, a young man from England from our school, Miranda’s friends, one from Alaska and one from Canada, and of course the missionaries( one from the U.S. and one from Tahiti). What a great mix of people. I am so excited. I hope I will be able to feed everyone! We might have to eat in shifts!

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