I have to fight for computer time!

I would probably post more often but I have to fight to get time on the computer.  I get time after midnight and by then I am just too tired.  Today is our first day with no one home but Kurt and me.  Miranda started school this week (finally).  I can’t wait to start hearing my kids speak french.  I know it will take several more months but I’m excited.  Anyway, I hope I will be able to post something everyday now that I will have some time in the morning on the computer.

This past weekend we went to Angers with CK, Dakota, Xenia and 2 American girls working here as au pairs, Mary and Andrea.  We had to leave McKala and Miranda home to work on their on-line school.  We are going to Germany next week and they need to be done before we go.  The castle is awesome and I got to see the tapestries that I missed last time.  They are amazing.  These tapestries are an interpretation of the Book of Revelations in the Bible, they are titled The Apocalypse.  They were woven by hand in 7 years, which is amazing, especially when you see the detail.  The whole trip was awesome-a beautiful crisp fall day in France!

3 weeks ago, for about 2 weeks, France has been on Strike. They are upset with the government raising the retirement age. People were protesting in the street for 2 weeks. It was difficult to get gas. Most gas stations were only open for an hour a day and would run out of gas. Every gas station had lines-people would wait to get gas for 45 minutes to an hour. It was crazy. Here are some photos we took before we went to Angers

Lastly, McKala invited some friends from school over for dinner. Then, Miranda wanted to invite some friends over, so we ended up having a party. Miranda and I made Sweet and sour chicken, Apple pie and my friend brought over her crepe maker and taught me how to make crepes. It was a great night!


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  • Pam-Pam Christensen

    Kim – You look like a natural in France. Can’t wait to hear more about the kids experiences too. Is Kurt posting his own experiences on his blog? I will check his out next week while I’m here at school at night. Love you!!!!!

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