Who says the French are rude!

I have always heard that the French are rude!  I have not found that to be true.  Every French person I have had to deal with has been very helpful and kind. For example.  Kurt and I went to the movies Saturday and watched The Social Network (in Version Original….English, yeah), after the movie we went to pay for our parking and the machine would not read our parking ticket so we did not know how to get out of the parking lot.  A young woman came up to us and asked if we needed help, I guess we looked confused.  She called the parking company and found out how we could pay and took us to the machine and made sure we could get a new ticket to get out of the parking lot.  She was wonderful!  Just today, Kurt and I had to go buy a bus pass for Miranda so she can get to school in the city.  In our terrible french we asked for a year ticket for Miranda and a week ticket for me so I can ride with Miranda for a week until she gets used to the route.  The woman helping us was so agreeable, she spoke slowly for us and even tried a little English to make sure we understood how to use our cards.  I have about 10 more stories of people being so kind and helpful.  I have to say I have not experienced rude French people.

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