Tour of House in France

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  • Summer Hardey

    Kim and Kurt, it was so fun to see a tour of your home! It’s so cute, it reminds me of Snow White’s Cottage. I’m glad you guys are having such a fun adventure! Love ya and miss ya!


  • admin

    It is nice to see that someone looked at my blog. I really am doing it as a way to journal but it is so fun when someone looks at it and comment. I hope you are doing great. I am so sad I missed Palm Springs. It sounds like you all had a blast! Love ya, miss you too!

  • My brain has exploded. This is totally amazing!!!! What a beautiful and wonderful place to live!!!!

  • Melissa Charters

    LOVED the tour of your home in France!! Thanks for sharing!! Rich and I watched it together!!! Miss you guys!

  • Elizabeth Minnick

    I have looked at a lot of Miranda’s FB pictures, but just found the blog! LOVE IT!! That house is amazing and huge for France! I was impressed by the enormous kitchen. Most kitchens I saw in France were the size of an American bathroom. What a great place to have the French experience! I was thinking about you on Thanksgiving. Glad you had a wonderful meal with your friends and family there. I don’t know if Kendra told you, but we are heading out on our own adventure. Jared has taken a job in Helena, Montana. He started work the beginning of October and the whole family will move the day after Christmas. One last holiday with our family. I will only be about 3 hours from Kendra and Eric, so hoping to get to see more of them. I hope when you get home and settled, that you will come and visit us in Big Sky Country! Love and Miss you all my friend!!

  • Pam-Pam Christensen

    WOW!!!! Amazing and what a wonderful house to live in. I’m so glad that you found it and it seems perfect for your family. I’m so looking forward to seeing all of your adventures in France. I had been looking at your blog for awhile but never saw any posts after your dads birthday, so not sure what happened there because you have a bunch of them. So, I am now looking thru them all. Love you Kimmer….. Pam-Pam :o)

  • admin

    I just now found your comment on my blog! I am still learning how to blog. How exciting, moving to Helena! I really thought you were done moving, I thought you were in your perfect house in the perfect town. Adventures are great, if you ask me, it is always good to move, change is great! I have been thinking of you too. I actually looked at all your pictures last week but did not have time to comment- my kids never let me have much time on the computer except late at night when I am tired. I loved seeing how much your kids have grown!!! They are so cute. We are coming for Kendra’s graduation next December and we are going to have to come and see you. I have never been to Montana and now I have a good reason to go . Good luck with the move-it sounds like it will be crazy right in the middle of Christmas. Love and miss you too! Say hello to Jared and the kids for me. Have Spencer email Xenia @ , she would love it!

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