The Clement’s first day in France!

I was so jealous of Kurt being able to travel with all the kids on their very first flight.  Aren’t they so cute.

Kurt had to take a bus from the airport in Paris to the central train station in Paris and get all these kids and their luggage on board.  This is their luggage stacked up between their seats on the train.

This is Chateaugiron, we stayed here with a friend from church, Martine.  We were hoping to live in this town because it is just so cute! The kids first nights stay in France.

This is the Castle at Chateaugiron.  Isn’t it so beautiful!

It’s like Disneyland, just too cute!  We are walking to the bakery in town.

First order of business in France is to go the Boulangerie!

Yum! We mostly just get bread from the bakery and once in a while we try something new.  Everything is just so yummy,

We walked around town later and visited the castle.  We did not get to go in for a tour, they are renovating the castle.  I was so glad to be back together with my family.  I left for France 2 weeks before they did to try to find a house and a car.  I was completely unsuccessful in finding a house, actually, I did find a house but I wasn’t able to convince anyone to rent a house to me.  Apparently, it is difficult for the French to rent as well, so I didn’t feel so bad.  I was able to buy a car that seats 7 for 7,000 €.  Harriet came out with me and we had a great time looking at houses, shopping, and trying different chocolate everyday!

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