Thanksgiving in France!

Well it is Thanksgiving eve and I have been planning a menu for Thanksgiving. I knew it would be hard to find the same things in France that I usually use for Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. Let me make a list. Cranberries, canned pumpkin for pumpkin pie, cream cheese for cheesecake, graham crackers for . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving in France!


The kids got a 10 day fall break, so Kurt started looking for a “Gite”(french word for vacation cottage) in Germany so we could go on our first trip in Europe. It had to have internet so Kurt could work and wanted to be able to visit Neuschwanstein, a concentration camp (Dachau), and Salzburg, Austria. . . . → Read More: Austria


On our last day of our vacation, coming home from Salzburg, Austria, we stopped at the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. This is the castle that the Disney castles were inspired by. It sits all alone up against a beautiful mountain. The country is absolutely beautiful, a postcard picture everywhere you turn. King Ludwig had plans . . . → Read More: Neuschwanstein

I have to fight for computer time!

I would probably post more often but I have to fight to get time on the computer. I get time after midnight and by then I am just too tired. Today is our first day with no one home but Kurt and me. Miranda started school this week (finally). I can’t wait to start hearing . . . → Read More: I have to fight for computer time!


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