Who says the French are rude!

I have always heard that the French are rude! I have not found that to be true. Every French person I have had to deal with has been very helpful and kind. For example. Kurt and I went to the movies Saturday and watched The Social Network (in Version Original….English, yeah), after the movie we . . . → Read More: Who says the French are rude!

Happiness is…Picking apples on a beautiful fall day!

No one wanted to go picking apples with me, so I pouted and stomped my feet and made everyone get off the computers, ipods and itouches and come to the farm and pick apples with me. (I didn’t really stomp my feet but I did pout to Kurt) They all came reluctantly. We had a . . . → Read More: Happiness is…Picking apples on a beautiful fall day!

Hosting Sunday dinner!

We had 24 people over for Sunday lunch/dinner. Mary, an American girl in our ward is an au pair for a family of here in France, it was her birthday on Saturday and I offered to have a birthday dinner at our house on Sunday! It was very fun. We know 2 other American au . . . → Read More: Hosting Sunday dinner!

A fabulous fall day in France!

Kurt and I celebrated our 18th anniversary today (it was really yesterday). We went to a little town, Hede, about 15 minutes from Geveze. It is famous for there Locks on a river that runs from St. Malo to the Atlantic (about 250 kilometers). We saw about 7 or 8 locks on our dreamy walk . . . → Read More: A fabulous fall day in France!

Tour of House in France

The Clement’s first day in France!

I was so jealous of Kurt being able to travel with all the kids on their very first flight. Aren’t they so cute.

Kurt had to take a bus from the airport in Paris to the central train station in Paris and get all these kids and their luggage on board. This is . . . → Read More: The Clement’s first day in France!


I have been in France for one month now! So much has happened and I will not attempt to write about all of it now. I will add it in on slower days.

Yesterday Kurt and I drove Miranda and McKala an hour and a half to the Stake Center (not a stake center like . . . → Read More:


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